Been keeping your receipts in a shoebox?

Don’t worry – we are up for the challenge! Whether you’re behind on years of reconciliations or just need a small touch up, we can make things right.

An accounting cleanup begins with a good understanding of your business:

  • Who are your clients and vendors? How do you currently process transactions with them?
  • What are your various lines of business?
  • What information would be useful to management for day-to-day operations?
  • What sort of analysis would assist management in making strategic business decisions?

The cleanup then proceeds with the following elements:

  • Reconstructing the Chart of Accounts, providing the appropriate level of detail
  • Reconciling all balance sheet accounts
  • Reviewing profit & loss accounts for the relevant accounting periods
  • Reclassifying transactions, where appropriate

Once the cleanup is done, you will have financial reporting that is meaningful to you. We can then continue to assist with your bookkeeping or train your bookkeeper to maintain what we’ve constructed.