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Permanent 2017

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Constancy is a comedy about bad hair, youth and family worries. This is due to the solid life and suffering that went well. Obstacles to everyday life. It’s 1982, and Dixons (Jim, Jeanne and Aureli) are moving (new members) in the southern city where all the girls like(see and leave the back of the tree and love to talk and look at their hair.) Pre-teen AURELIE prays to her parents forever (known in the south as permission) hoping for life-threatening waves, but when they took him to a beauty school instead of a salon ,to save money, the disaster continues. The teacher of beauty-post-graduate has long been imprisoned and allows to jeopardize the social life of the lower Aureli, as well as the follicles of his hair. Aurelie Amesalia, as a young boy who loves a boy who is still tryingtry the highway with what some kids call an afro phone, throw it because of the intermittent scoop.

Permanent 2017

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