Another really famous streets in London is Portobello Road. World popular leaders from history and current time tailor their suits from here including the royal family members, movie stars and other celebrities. Stay tuned for more updates and interesting information about London city but for now, let us tell you about the most famous streets in London. Head to 93 Feet East for club-nights and electronica events that have shaped the East London scene for decades. This list may not reflect recent changes . This city is renowned for men’s wear. There are London’s two most attractive iconic music attractions. Smart Search Search Tips ?. Search on Street Map: Home; ... Click on street name to see the position on LONDON street map. This is one of the best iconic places in London. Although, Chelsea Harbour Pier River is located near to the King’s Road which is should not miss the place of London. Near Smithfield is the similarly evocative Giltspur Street, formerly called Knyghtryders Strete.And yes, don’t worry Hoff fans, David Hasselhoff has his own little shrine in the adjacent Centrepage pub! Kings Road. London is blessed with a wealth of famous shopping streets, whether you're on the lookout for antique collectibles or a gourmet lunch. If you are looking to buy some brand products then Oxford Street is definitely the best destination for you. The best time to visit this road is defiantly the months of festivals and winter. Whenever you will visit this street, you will find different activities like street theatre, exhibitions and different shows. It is always a better idea to do your homework before arriving in this city but even if you are already in London and want to know about “famous streets in London”, this post will be very helpful for you. Park Avenue. They take their name from Sir Thomas Bond, who developed the land. If you got a chance, do visit the Bank of England to see how this building looks like from inside. Click on the street name to go to a street map of LONDON. This is the most popular and distinctive shopping place in London. This street is a foremost shopping street in this circle; every re-known brand exists here, so we can be called this street, a Brand street. 10 Of The Rudest Sounding London Street Names That You Will Ever Hear. Following are the few of the most expensive streets in London: a) Kensington Palace Gardens b) Grosvenor Crescent c) The Boltons d) Courtenay Avenue. This is perhaps one of the most iconic street names in the country, especially amongst shoppers and fashion enthusiasts. 1.Abbey Road The famous zebra crossing where the Beatles posed for their 1969 Abbey Road album cover The street sign has long since been swiped so visitors write on the Abbey Road Shop sign instead. You can go inside to make a small transaction including changing the foreign currency. This is good to go to a place. Jermyn Street is located in Westminster’s area St James in Landon. There is a huge load of traffic too on this road but still, people manage to spend a lot of time here and hang out with their friends. London Online's street index lists streets for most areas of Greater London. One can easily spend the whole day exploring the historical building and taking photos. Carnaby Street, London Carnaby Street is close to Oxford Street and Regent Street, in the city of Westminster, central London. Here are 10 of the best markets the English capital has to offer, from quirky Camden Market to historic Old Spitalfields Market. ©News Group Newspapers Limited in England No. Other streets were helpfully named for where they led to—take the London Road to London, for example. How to Request a Free IKEA Catalogue 2021 UK, 10 Best Kid Friendly Places in London 2021 UK, Best Cargo Service from London to Pakistan UK 2021. The Mall, London is one of those few roads in London which has been shown many times on TV, movies, and news. A - 1422 streets B - 2672 streets C - 3099 streets D - 1085 streets E - 960 streets This gazetteer covers only the area of the medieval town. 2. Knightrider Street. Every time you visit this street, some fun stuff is happening. Harley Street is a street of Marylebone, central London. The Prime Minister’s official residence is 10 Downing Street and the Chancellor’s official residence is no.11. If you are exploring some of the important roads of London, then don’t forget to be here to explore many shopping options. t is one of the popular tourist attractions in London too because of a lot of eating and drinking options. A trip to London cannot be completed until once step to Regent Street, London. Prior to the nineteenth century, street names were typically generic and descriptive, usually named after the goods sold in them e.g. Not only local people love to come here for shopping but this street has become one of the major tourist attraction in London as well. Street FM London Accessories Reusable Fabric Face Mask,... 70% Alcohol Hand Sanitiser Gel - 500ml Pump Bottle... Straame Transparent Safety Face Shield Full... TPZ No Touch Infrared Forehead Thermometer |...*. While there are enough options for women available too for shopping, but still, the main identity of Savile Row road is the tailoring business as you will able to see suits and tailor shops everywhere and these shops are extremely upscale, so don’t expect something cheap from here. This is a place where you can find Boutiques, Brands, and restaurants, Like Shinola, Felson, Oi Polloi, Levi’s Vintage Clothing, Red Wing Shoes, and the latest global store. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. The most amazing thing about Carnaby Street is its shopping area where you will find a lot of different shops and thousands of people who are busy in shopping. anyone other you can freely visit Harley Street, to fulfill your medical essentials. Well, this is your favourite “Abbey Road in London”. There is a rich variety of hotels like ‘Holmes Hotel’, ‘The Sumner Hotel’, ‘Rouse Court Hotel’, ‘and 45Park Lane Hotel ’,‘ Holiday Inn Hotel’. Disclosure: We may earn a small affiliate commission from purchases made from our editorially chosen links. 3. Kingsway. Originally the street was a high-class residential area, but now it is in the commercial premises. The street has also become a tourist attraction over the past few years. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. Savile Row is known for its suit and tailoring shop. If you are looking for local wares, then you may found this place best as many local stores are selling a variety of local wares. Each era of London’s history has left its mark on the various streets, avenues, lanes, and ways. The name is thought to derive from the hunting cry “So-ho!”, as the area was a royal hunting ground in the sixteenth century. This is a curved street with most shopping options in London. The street is the most well-known because of the famous fictional detective Sherlock Holmes lived there at a fictional 221B Baker Street address on the north of the street. 'Holly' and 'Turkey' among the UK's most festive street names And of course, 'Christmas' has also made the list. You will find people stopping in the middle of the road and taking pictures. The common perception about King’s Road is that it is not only one of the most famous streets in London but it is also one of the most expensive places too. On both sides of the street, you will found dozens of restaurants, cafes, theatres, and bars. This road may have some religious history as it is named after Henry Compton the person who raised the funds from parish church for this street but today this street is known as the Mecca of LGBT community. Bond Street One of the most upmarket London shopping roads, Bond Street is actually two streets, Old Bond Street and New Bond Street. It won’t be wrong if we call this Avenue is a place of business opportunity. For some tourists, this is the only street which they don’t miss due to the number of things to do here. Great Peter Street S.W.1 - Great Peter Street bears the name of the patron saint of Westminster Abbey. This is the same fictional house where the fictional character Sherlock Holmes used to live. One of the biggest marketplaces in the city. Weird London street names can tell you a lot about the history of an area, once you do a bit of digging. Here’s a list of the UK’s 50 most popular street names. And also, there Abbey Road studio gift shops. Usually, tourist picks streets for a walk due to historical buildings. All main well-known retailers are here like Asprey, Bulgari, Chanel, Burberry, Cartier, Hermes, Dolce Gabbana, Jimmy Choo, Louis Vuitton, Mulberry, Ralph Lauren, and Tiffany & Co. You can feel a real and rich mix of tradition, history and modern luxury. Downing Street is famous in London for its political importance. By downloading of this free PDF map of London you will get a clearly arranged street map of the touristic city center, perfect for your smartphone or tablet.The used scale allows a detailed presentation of the numerous squares, streets and parks in the center of London. You can truly feel a unique shopping experience of menswear in this street because there is a lot of stores sale shirts and a lot of other gentlemen’s apparel like shoes, hats, shaving brushes, colognes, braces and much more. If you are a Die-hard music lover then you should visit this place, you will be amazed at this place Because you can find everything related to music like singers, composers, musicians, instruments and much more you want. This street is known for clinics and hospitals because in this street you find most doctors and their clinics. "The Sun", "Sun", "Sun Online" are registered trademarks or trade names … Queens Road. Carter Court and Carter Lane – after the cartering trade that formerly took place here, Carthusian Street – after the Carthusian monks who lived near here in the Middle Ages, Castle Court – after a former inn of this name, Catherine Wheel Alley – after a former inn of this name, which was named for the Catherine wheel on the coat of arms of the, Cavendish Court – after the Cavendish family, Dukes of Devonshire, who owed a house near here in the 1600s, Clements Lane and St Clement’s Court – after the adjacent, Clifford’s Inn Passage – after an inn (townhouse) given to, Cloak Lane – unknown, though possibly from ', Clothier Street – after the former clothes market that operated here, Cock Hill – unknown, possibly from an old inn of this name, College Hill, College Street and Little College Lane – after the adjacent, Compter Passage – presumably after the former, Cooper’s Row – after an 18th-century property owner of this name; prior to this it was Woodruffe Lane, also thought to be after a property owner, Copthall Avenue, Copthall Buildings and Copthall Close – after a former ‘copt hall’ (crested hall) that stood here, Corbet Court – after a local 17th-century property developer, Cousin Lane – after either Joanna or William Cousin, the first a local landowner, the latter a 14th-century sheriff, Cowper’s Court – after the Cowper family, local landowners, Crane Court – formerly Two Crane Court, possibly after a coat of arms of one of the local landowning families, Creechurch Lane and Creechurch Place – after the former, Creed Court and Creed Lane – by association with the nearby, Crescent – thought to be first crescent-shaped street in London, Cromwell Highwalk and Cromwell Place – presumably after, Crosby Square – after Crosby House, built for, Cross Keys Square – after a house or inn called Cross Keys that stood here in Tudor times, Cross Lane – descriptive; it was formerly Fowle Lane (literally ‘foul’), Crown Office Row – after the Clerks of the Crown Office formerly located here. LGBT clubs and food is not the only thing which makes this street popular in London but other shopping options too. The reason behind its popularity is not just its history but its importance too. However, if you want to spend some good and quality time in London and you have also got a heavy wallet in the pocket, you are more than welcome to spend time at King’s Road. Is it Expensive To Visit 2021 London, England? List of Famous Streets in London 2020/ 2021 UK, Famous Streets in London 2020/ 2021 That You Should Visit. Ben Weinreb and Christopher Hibbert (1983), sfn error: no target: CITEREFFairfield1972 (, sfn error: no target: CITEREFBebbington1983 (, Robert de Clifford, 1st Baron de Clifford, Worshipful Company of Stationers and Newspaper Makers, 'Aldermary Churchyard – Aldgate Ward', A Dictionary of London (1918), List of civil parishes in the City of London,, Lists of United Kingdom placename etymology, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, Abchurch Lane and Abchurch Yard – after the adjacent, Alban Highwalk and St Albans Court – after the adjacent, Aldermanbury and Aldermanbury Square – the site of a burgh (enclosed settlement) of a Saxon-era, Alderman’s Walk – formerly Dashwood's Walk, for Francis Dashwood, who lived here in the 18th century; it was changed when he became an, Angel Court – named after a long demolished inn of this name, Angel Street – after a demolished inn of this name; formerly Angle Alley, The Arcade (Liverpool Street) – presumably descriptive, Artillery Lane – this formerly led to the Tasel Close Artillery Yard, which stood here in the 17th–18th centuries, Ashentree Court – after the ashen trees formerly located here at the Whitefriars' monastery, Austin Friars and Austin Friars Passage and Austin Friars Square – after, The Avenue (Cutlers Gardens) – presumably descriptive, Bakers Hall Court – after the nearby hall of the, Baltic Street West – the streets here were built by a timber merchant circa 1810 who named them after trade-related activities; Baltic refers to the Baltic softwood trade, Barley Mow Passage – after a former inn here of this name, possibly by reference to alcohol, or else a corruption of the nearby St Bartholomew's church and hospital, Barnard’s Inn – named after Lionel Barnard, owner of a town house (or ‘inn’) here in the mid-15th century, Bartholomew Close and Bartholomew Place – after St Bartholomew’s Priory, which stood here and is remembered in the names of the local hospital and two churches, Bartlett Court, Bartlett Street and Bartletts Passage – after Thomas Bartlett, court printer to, Bastion Highwalk – presumably after the adjacent Roman bastion ruins, Bear Alley – thought to be after a former inn of this name, Beehive Passage – after a former tavern here of this name, Bengal Court – presumably after the former British colony of, Bell Inn Yard – after a former inn of this name, Bell Wharf Lane – unknown, possibly after a former tavern of this name; formerly Emperor’s Head Lane, after an inn here, Billiter Court and Billiter Street – after former ‘belzeter’ (bell foundry) located here, Birchin Lane – unknown, though suggested to come from the, Bloomberg Arcade – after its owners/developers, Bolt Court – thought to be after a former tavern called the Bolt-in-Tun, Bond Court – after a 17th-century property developer of this name, Botolph Alley and Botolph Lane – after the, Bow Churchyard and Bow Lane – after the adjacent, Braidwood Passage – presumably after 19th-century fireman, Bream’s Buildings – thought to be named for its 18th-century builder, Breton Highwalk – presumably after the 16th–17th-century poet, Brewer’s Hall Gardens – after the adjacent, Brick Court – as this was home to the first set of brick buildings in the area, Bride Court, Bride Lane, St Bride’s Avenue, St Bride’s Passage and St Bride Street – after the adjacent, Bridgewater Highwalk, Bridgewater Square and Bridgewater Street – after the, Broadgate and Broadgate Circle – developed in the late 1980s, presumably named for the former, Broad Lane, Broad Street Avenue, New Broad Street and Old Broad Street – simply a descriptive name, dating to the early Middle Ages; the northernmost section was formerly ‘New Broad Street’; however, this has now switched onto an adjacent sidestreet, Broken Wharf – this wharf fell into disrepair owing to a property dispute in the 14th century, Brushfield Street – after Thomas Brushfield, Victorian-era representative for this area at the, Bucklersbury and Bucklersbury Passage – after the Buckerel/Bucherel family who owned land here in the 1100s, Budge Row – formerly home to the drapery trade; a ‘budge/boge’ was a type of lamb’s wool, Bull's Head Passage – thought to be after an inn or shop of this name, Bury Court and Bury Street – after a former house on this site given to, Bush Lane – thought to be after a former inn of this name. St Mary Le Strand, The Royal Courts of Justice, Statues around St Clements and St Clement Danes are some of the important attractions of this road. Disposable Mask,50 Count 3 Ply Disposable Earloop... many more well-known shopping brands here, from you, can shop. The City of Westminster is an Inner London borough that also holds city status. If you want some food while you shopping, you can purchase nasi goreng, platinum fries, burger, and English Muffin loaded with poached eggs and spinach. Crooked Usage The name of this street might be traced back to Anglo-Saxon days, where a usage was a strip of grass between fields. Street names became official only after long use and the rise of street signs. Abbey Road is home to the world’s most famous zebra crossing.This happens to be just outside Abbey Road Studios, where the Beatles were … Main Street. On every Saturday, you can buy second-hand antiques and clothes in this market and of course, while doing so you can save a lot of money as well. Historical buildings, shops, cafe, and photography, these are some of many things which makes this street popular not just in London or the UK but all around the world. London Street name changes. London Road. There are a lot of fun things that you can do in London and if you are visiting this beautiful city for the first time, you should know about the “famous streets in London 2020/ 2021 UK“. So, we can call it the street of hospitals. Oxford Street, located in the city of Westminster in the west end of London. Subcategories. The road is enough wide to make a comfortable way for both traffic; walking and vehicle traffic. While there is no specific time to visit there but if you want to see the real beauty of this street then visit there in Winter, especially in December and January. This is a One-Way street in the area. What is the main street in London? ), i. In the west end of London, Bond Street is located. This street is famous in London for a big market of antiques, which is the largest antique market in the whole world. Denmark Street, London is also called Tin Pan Alley. The “UK’s Prime Minister House” is situated on the same street and if Downing Street is making a tickle in your mind then it is because you keep hearing the name of this street in news often. The most important sights are marked with a red star and in the legend you will see the respective name for each attraction. • Oat Lane – as oats were formerly sold here in the Middle Ages Do not worry about the water as there are plenty of watering holes on the road after a specific distance. Carnaby Street is close to Oxford Street and Regent Street, in the city of Westminster, central London. This is the most popular and distinctive shopping place in London. In this street, there is the oldest cheese shop in Britain, ‘Paxton & Whitfield’, which is still working. A law of Henry I said that a town street had to be wide enough for two loaded carts to pass, or for 16 armed knights to ride abreast. London is a city best explored on foot, and one of the best bits about walking around town is veering off into residential areas to discover pretty streets lined with characterful houses.The city has a real mix of architectural styles from rainbow-colored mews houses on cobblestone alleys to grand townhouses on sweeping crescents. LONDON Street Map. 679215 Registered office: 1 London Bridge Street, London, SE1 9GF. Complete Listing of the Streets of London in 1891 – A. Abbervill Road, Clapham, WANDSWORTH Abbey Cottages, Denman Road, CAMBERWELL Abbey Field Road, Rotherhithe, ST OLAVE SOUTHWARK Abbey Gardens, St Mark, Hamilton Terrace, ST MARYLEBONE Abbey Grove WOOLWICH Generally, the name "Bluegate Fields" was used to refer to one of the worst slum areas that once existed at the east end of London (just north of the old London docks) during Victorian times (the 1800's) - specifically, the name had also been used to designate at least two actual roadways or streets … The nearest station to reach this place is the Bank station in London. It is huge in terms of its length with the world’s best brands. Searchable A to Z list of streets. Some of London’s best restaurants are located here other than banks. Visit Kingly Court. STREET-NAMES. London Streets 2020/ 2021 – List of Most Famous Streets in London, UK, 100 Present Ideas & Retirement Gifts 2020/ 2021 UK, 100 Best Christmas Gift ideas for Grandpa 2020 UK. This pretty area is northwest of Regent’s Park and south of Hampstead and contains plenty of cafes, restaurants, and Lord’s Cricket ground. The Avenue. Oxford street is the main road in the city of westminster in the west end of London. This is one of those “famous streets in London” where you can always watch the hottest theatres and plays all the time. Origins of London Street Names. During the summer crowd could be overwhelming. You can be called this road, Heaven for antique lovers in the earth. Once you will start walking on this street, the journey will be never-ending and you will find a lot of things to buy as well. This street is famous for the music industry in London. Oxford Street is the main road in the City of Westminster in the West End of London. There are some beautiful hotels and restaurants like ‘Montagu Place Hotel’, ‘Dorset Square Hotel’, ‘Home House’, ‘Z at Gloucester; The street is attended by the London Underground by Baker Street tube station; next to the station is Transportation for London’s lost property office. The road may look a bit of old-style due to the buildings on both sides but this road is full of nightlife, events, and music. That’s why, being here means that you will get access to many cafes, shops, restaurants, and theaters, etc.

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