This trail is completely in the … So get out there, have fun, be safe and ALWAYS, LEAVE NO TRACE!! It makes me chuckle just thinking about it. While we were on the jetty our dog, Hagrid spotted some geese and chased them into the water. Nottely Lake Fishing and Recreation - This 4,180-acre TVA reservoir is located in Union County near Blairsville. Other than the scare by the geese, they definitely enjoyed their freedom. Along the way, Blue Ridge Lake interrupts the river. After viewing this potential future destination, we got in our kayaks and moved to another spot I had picked out on the map to explore. We assessed the area and found a spot for our shelter and our hammocks. Last Known Status: Temporarily Closed (due to wet trail conditions) Located on the western shores of Nottely Lake, this area offers an ATV trail that is about 6 miles long. These things scratched, stabbed, scraped and poked me several times during this process but I prevailed the victor of this battle. Our goal for this trip was privacy and solitude. We headed north and eventually we came to the loop and there was a choice to go left or right(we chose right). It was already shaping up to be a great day on a beautiful lake setting in the north Georgia mountains. It was nice to just lounge and forget about the hectic pace of life we left behind in Metro Atlanta. After digesting our small meal, we decided to load the dogs onto the kayaks and go check out Nottely Lake and recon campsites for future visits. As she slowly got up and got her coffee on, we talked about being woken up by the old jalopy and I asked her if she had heard the sound of the blowdown (she did not). Miles of trails are marked according to their use including the Appalachian, Benton MacKaye, and Pinhoti trails. Below are weather averages from 1971 to 2000 according to data gathered from the nearest Immediately she was intrigued by my discovery, and we decided that after breakfast she would have to see it for herself. may be different as well. The food looked better than noodles and tuna! Nottely Lake is covered by higher than 93% of other locations on record. A meal fit for two lake explorers with left overs could have probably fed a small tribe in Africa. The lady I spoke to said it would be a nominal fee of two dollars per night. I was raised from my slumber at one point by the sounds of a very large crash, and I can only assume that it was a blowdown. We launched the kayaks from the ramp and off we paddled. Reluctantly we got into our boats and paddled back to the boat ramp at Poteete Creek Campground. The only place to put our hammocks and hang our tarp was covered by vines with hellaciously gnarly thorns. We were awakened once again at about 2 am from the sound of a loud boat cruising very slowly across the lake shining a spot light into the woods around Davenport Mountain. Our plan was to get an early start to get there early just in case the island wasn’t suitable. 's board "Lake Nottely Georgia", followed by 407 people on Pinterest. Unfortunately, this little beach was in plain view from the campground beach. This definitely made securing the tarp a little challenging, but I got through it and we wound up with a nice little shelter. The reservoir beach is a great spot for wildlife viewing. OK. We got back to Hyatt Bend about mid afternoon and it was definitely time for lunch. But what a sight that would have been to someone in the distance, me hauling a make shift toilet across a lake strapped to my kayak. Hyatt Bend isn’t very big, maybe two thousand feet long by five hundred feet at its widest point. The USGS (U.S. Geological Survey) publishes a set of the most commonly used topographic maps of the U.S. called US Topo that are separated into rectangular quadrants that are printed at 22.75"x29" or larger. Tennessee Valley Authority reservoir located in Union County near Blairsville. After dinner, we settled into our hammocks and let the sounds of the lake carry us off to sleep. This trail loops around Davenport Mountain with some moderate grades, and offers views of Nottely Lake. The 2.5 mile long Nottely Dam Trail offers mountain bikers and hikers views of wildlife and wildflowers. We headed toward the dam and around a little peninsula. Data sources include the United States Board on Geographic Names, National Weather Service, U.S. Census Bureau, NASA, and Google. Scenic byways are noted for those wishing to take in the scenery by car. Brasstown Bald: the hike. Museums (Antique Trail) Join Lakes Online and tap into 3 million potential customers looking for your lake business. Just go enjoy the lake and the cliffs and the rope swings. See more ideas about Lake, Blairsville, Blairsville georgia. This man-made lake constructed by the Tennessee Valley Authority forms a 4,180-acre utility lake. Nottely Lake is 20 miles long, 4,180 acres and has 106 miles of shoreline. 1:125,000. Nottely Lake is covered by the Nottely Dam, GA US Topo Map quadrant This sounded like a great plan to end our day. lower than 66% of other locations on record. I guarantee you won’t regret taking the time to acquaint yourself with this lake. I thought about strapping to my kayak and hauling back over to our island, but after some calculated cyphering, I decided it would have been too much work. We got the fire going, grilled some hot dogs and made some baked beans to fuel us up to explore the island. We put four dollars in the slot on a locked mailbox and took our two bags of ice. When we found the jeep trail we headed west toward Davenport Mountain. Shhhh. Perfect for moderate hiking or biking. We put on some afternoon coffee, started a fire and soaked in the fresh air of the outdoors. We woke up the next morning and had our coffee while we talked a bit around the fire. We also wanted a spot where the dogs could roam free without having us having to worry about them. The island lies directly across from the beach at Poteete Creek Campground and just far enough away for privacy. An abundance of recreational opportunities abound in the Chattahoochee National Forest, just north of Atlanta. Custom Maps Navigation Home Maps – AL Lake Maps – FL Lake Maps – GA Lake Maps – KY Lake Maps – NC Lake Maps – SC Lake Maps – TN Lake Maps – VA Lake Maps – Trail Maps – Digital Maps – Other Maps Prints – Posters – Canvas Prints – Framed Prints Waterproof Accessories Wholesale – Lake Maps – License Holders Shop About Contact Us Affiliates Custom Maps I made pasta and potato salads then broke down an entire chicken and marinated it for twelve hours for our dinner for the first night on the island. Opportunities abound for wildlife observation and photography along the trail. This sounded like a great plan to end our day. He’s pretty tough when he gets some distance between himself and a threat. This is an easy to use trail that you can even push a stroller or just enjoy a picnic. There are other islands to choose from, so we wanted time to explore those as well. Photos provided by Flickr are under the copyright of their owners. As the sun set, we relaxed and listened to the sounds of nature for a bit. We made our way through some brush and lite forest until we found the jeep trail. Also, Lake Nottely is not yet as commercialized and crowded as other lake locations. I led, Marcie and the dogs to the center of the island and showed her the one fire ring/one bathroom campsite that could quite possibly be our next camping adventure on future visits to Nottely Lake. Lake Nottely's largemouth bass population is slowly improving due to the efforts of DNR to stock bass into this lake. Of course, hunger was starting to set in and we started thinking about the marinated chicken and all the fixings we brought to accompany it. There are a couple of campsite on this island and they were pretty nice. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. You'll find detailed trail descriptions, the inside line on difficulty levels, information about amenities, maps, distance, uses and any relevant notes that might affect or enhance your experience. It had been a full day, so we retired to our hammocks for the night and read for a bit before we fell asleep. I left the shelter for last, so we could hang out for an hour or so before we had to make our way back the campground and head back to the city. Our first stop was Toilet Island, or as, Marcie calls it Island Number One. Features Product Languages: English Folded Size: 9.06 x 5.91 inches Unfolded Size: 23.43 x 31.89 inches Waterproof lake map of Chatuge and Nottely, GA/NC showing access areas, facilities, water hazards, and water depths at 40-foot contour intervals. This way we could head out fairly early in the morning. Nottely Lake is 13 miles north of Blairsville, GA. ... Island, land on the beach early in the evening, walk up an old jeep trail and hike a lollipop loop along with some ATV trails that I found on the map. Meeks Park is made for walking! But who on God’s green earth would be stupid enough to commit such a serious felonious act driving what sounded like a piece of broken down lawn equipment on a quiet lake in the middle of the night? Remember, we were on the south side of the island, so it was blowing right into our little beach spot. This beautiful lake set amid the Appalachian Mountains has 132 miles of shoreline including 4 miles of island shoreline and 7,050 surface acres at normal summer pool levels. The hosts there seemed very nice and accommodating. About this time, Marcie was stirring and rising from her slumber. This pristine area is in the middle of the mountains, close to glorious hiking trails. Then we decided to turn around and start the way back to the boats. The geese chased them across the beach until I intervened and chased the geese into the lake. They soon moved on and we fell back to sleep. National Geographic's Georgia Recreation Atlas is an ideal recreation resource and contains accurate, detailed topographic maps with private and public land boundaries, a complete road network, valuable recreation information and extensive cross-referenced lists and charts for campgrounds, lakes, parks, attractions and more. Once the sky was illuminated a little more by the morning sun, I decided to go for a paddle across the lake and check the shoreline across from Hyatt Bend Island. 24″36″ One-sided. We definitely plan on going back to spend a couple of nights on Island Number Two this fall when it starts to cool down for the season. I also plan on going back to Davenport Mountain to explore the trails up there. We chose to launch the kayaks from the boat ramp at Poteete Creek Campground. We made our way about half around the loop and somehow we lost the trail. Interactive map of Nottely Lake that includes Marina Locations, Boat Ramps. Because the nearest station and this geographic feature may have After we warmed up a bit I decided to make our farewell breakfast. The USGS (U.S. Geological Survey) publishes a set of topographic maps of the U.S. commonly Box 2758, Blue RIdge, Ga 30513 With two parking areas and trailheads, and a short connector trail that turns the loop into a figure eight, there are a wide variety of ways to hike or bike this trail. Box 2758, Blue RIdge, Ga 30513 Thirteen Hundred POA - P.O. Visit TVA's Trails … Full pool is at 1,779 feet above M.S.L. Thirteen Hundred POA - P.O. However, I’m not sure if I can recommend camping there in the summer. There are two marinas and several public boat ramps that offer access at different points on Lake Nottely. At the intersection, we made a right and there was a sign on our left stating that the area off the trail was being revegetated and to stay off of it. BLAIRSVILLE, GEORGIA 34.954419, -84.109169 DIFFICULTY: MODERATE DISTANCE: 2.5-MILE LOOP. In the beginning of April, it was already quite buggy with biting flies out in full force during the heat of the day. Apr 4, 2018 - Explore personal-handcrafted-displays. Chatuge Lake & Nottely Lake. We ended our exploration and headed back to camp to do some planning for the hike we wanted to do later on Davenport Mountain. It was another cold April night on Nottely lake and we were warming up with the fire while we waited for the heat of the sun to take hold. Waterproof and Tear Resistant! Access to the Trail is approximately 1 mile past Nottely Dam on the left when coming from 129. The plan was to paddle past Toilet Island, land on the beach early in the evening, walk up an old jeep trail and hike a lollipop loop along with some ATV trails that I found on the map. known as US Topo Maps. As we walked the beach the dogs found some Canadian geese sitting on their eggs. The next morning we got on the road at about nine am. I say the island, but it is actually attached to land by a small sliver of beach that extends about one hundred yards off the shore line. One actually went right through the tread of my Olu Kai flip flops and stabbed me in the foot. After lunch and a little mapping, we launched the boats and paddled over to the beach that we planned on landing. We drove over to the boat ramp, took the kayaks off the car and loaded our gear onto boats. I got the fire going and put burgers on the grill for dinner. The trail was pretty grown over most of the way until we came to an intersection to the next jeep trail. I went to the top of the ridge to see if I could spot and reclaim the trail. I used my tomahawk to cut the vines back, which took about half an hour and yes they fought back. It was time to unload and set up camp for the weekend. Appalachian Trail . Georgia Recreation Atlas. If you have a business that could benefit being listed in the Museums (Antique Trail) category, our advertisement listing rates are affordable. The adventure begins at a trailhead near the visitor’s center at the base of the mountain (view maps and driving directions).The climb to the top starts immediately, as the trail begins its steady ascent. I know it was a treat for the dogs to roam. Hagrid decided he was going to wade into the lake and bark at the geese. They were just as excited as we were to be there. The total for all trails in Meeks Park is 24,397 feet or 4.62 miles! It was a nice day for a paddle and we took our time heading in. We love this deep-water cove and location, which is easily accessible to the Blairsville square, hiking trails, vineyards, and other venues. It was time to launch! Lake Nottely Union County Blairsville, GA 30512 TVA Nottely Trail - walking, Jogging, Biking and Runners The total for the TVA Nottely trail is 2.6 miles there and back, moderately hard. This boat was loud and sounded like an old jalopy powered by a lawnmower engine that smoked too many cigarettes after a long night at the bar. After we got the shelter built and Marcie built the fire ring, it was time to gather wood. Poteete Creek Campground is always another way to enjoy this lake. The best part of it being so close and plentiful was that we didn’t have to dedicate much of our relaxation time to collect it. larger. We didn’t want to take a chance at being towed or someone vandalizing the car. Island Number Two is awesome and has great potential for our next trip to Nottely Lake. By this time the wind had picked up and started to blow from the south. This was it! intended to be printed at 22.75"x29" or larger. The lake's relatively fertile water supports a diverse fish community. Unless this is your thing. The map base includes contour lines and elevations for summits, passes and many lakes. We said goodbye to Island Number Two and paddled back to Hyatt Bend to have some lunch and plan a hike on Davenport Mountain in the evening. Clicking anywhere within a quandrant will display an info window with the map name, as I had spent the entire day before prepping food for the trip. These suckers were bad! I started with potatoes cooked with garlic, onions and red bell peppers. We walked for a few minutes and the trail came to another intersection and we made a left. It was firewood city on Hyatt Bend Island! Neither, Marcie or I had ever been to Nottely Lake before, so we took a little extra time off of work to make it a three- day, two-night expedition. We collected some firewood for the night and explored the beach a bit and it very peaceful on Nottely Lake. Nottely Dam trail is a loop completely in the woods, but parts of it meander along the shoreline providing access to beautiful views. We found an established campsite in the middle of the island and it looked pretty sweet but we decided to do a little more scouting. The lake reaches full pool status from May through August and is fed by the Nottely River as well as other creeks and streams. please check out our website at thank you and have a great day. Hyatt Bend Island is just offshore from Davenport Mountain, which has some ATV trails we wanted to check out and hike. We ate our burgers along with the rest of the potato and pasta salads. One of the campsites on the island has a small fish cleaning station as well made from plywood attached to one of the trees. If dispersed island camping isn’t an option for you. The lake's relatively fertile water supports a diverse fish community. We found the office, paid our six dollars for parking and talked to a gentleman about camping on the lake and asked if it would better to launch from the ramp or the beach. This popular lake is great for those who love boating, fishing and jet skiing. Places near Nottely Lake, Georgia, USA: 118 Mountain View Ln 118 Mountain View Ln 48 Merritt Dr 736 Lakeside Dr 135 Bass Ridge Dr Reece Creek Road West Lake Nottely Drive Maggie Lane Jims Road Arrowood Pointe 72 Reece Creek Ct 123 Arrowood Pointe 154 Maggie Ln 591 Arrowood Landing Galloway Boulevard 1102 Paul Nicholson Rd 32 Red Maple Ln 153 Chapman Ford Rd 174 Saddle … . rectangular quadrants that are printed at 22.75"x29" or With the small amount of exploring we did, we found four dispersed campsites and I’m sure there are plenty more out there.

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