If your hair is bleached or if you intend to lighten it, you can also use coconut oil to smooth this process. I did a coconut oil treatment before dying my hair a few weeks ago and regretted it. You can use a comb to make sure that the coconut oil is getting in all the layers of your hair without using it in excess. The chemicals that hair conditioner might have can damage your bleached hair even more. After, wrap your hair in a shower cap and let it sit for twenty minutes. Using coconut oil before you bleach your hair can prevent most of the damage that is bought by this process. But for maximum benefits, you should do this the night before you plan to bleach just before you go to bed and sleep with the oil in your hair, again covered with a towel or cap. I mix clarifying shampoo into the bleach bowl and use coconut oil for extra protection. We know that coconut oil has plenty of benefits for our health as it brings a lot of good fats in our diet. You can even use a brush that is intended for dying your hair if it helps you. It is. Plus, the shower cap will not only protect your sheets and pillows, but it will also protect your hair from attracting different bacteria and residue while you have your coconut oil in it. Wrap your hair in a towel for 15-30 minutes before rinsing it out and washing your hair with shampoo. Instead of developer, is there any good alternative? I know it's bad for you and i should go to a professional, but I'm still going to do it my self and I already know the risks. You can use any shampoo when you wash your hair after bleaching it. But coconut oil does that for your hair in a natural way without you having to hassle too much. All of us have a unique style and you can discover yours with “Living Gorgeous” today! At first I was sacred but once I read it will cause no harm to hair if you put to much on.then I went and rub more on my hair is very short the bleach damage it I was using organic Cantu Shea butter leave-in conditioning repair cream I am glade to be using organic coconut oil it is running everywhere I don’t mine because it’s helping my hair thank you for this Article that I have read. When the established time for bleaching has passed, you can rinse all the products from your hair with a lot of water and normal shampoo. Coconut oil supports hair growth when it is applied to the roots. Well not in purpose. It is a highly nourishing oil with hundreds of uses, and lately I’ve run across many sources touting the benefits of coconut oil for hair.It can certainly be beneficial for certain hair types when used correctly, but many sources recommend using it in ways that may do more harm than good. You can also use it as a hair mask to soften your strands while making them stronger. I purchased some oil from sallys but it’s in a small bottle. I don't use exact measurements since I've done this often, I just eye … My advice is that you do the treatment the night before you bleach your hair. If your hair is severely dry or damaged, you can use it even more often than that to repair it. At all ! As we saw above, you should incorporate coconut oil into your hair care routine, especially if your hair is bleached. @haileyharberfit (warning- lots of bikini pics) Thumbnail pic is what color looks like when done. And a healthy one too, which is maybe the most important aspect! Stay as natural as possible and enjoy the miracles coconut oil can do for your bleached hair while you change your hair color as you please without facing any side effects! I personally always do a bleach bath whether it's lightly stripping out color or going full on bleach. If you are not sure about wearing a coconut oil hair mask for the entire night, try to do it for at least three to four hours. And to do that more comfortably, without getting all your pillows oily from the coconut oil that you have in your hair, you can use a shower cap. Now, the time has come to bleach your hair once the coconut oil did its job. Natural coconut oil, which you’ll surely be running out to buy when you finish reading this post, is in a solid-state at the store. Splitting your hair into different parts can help you achieve the results you want in more than one situation. A beginning bonus tip that you should consider is that you might want to apply the coconut oil the day before you are planning to bleach your hair. Some people will recommend bleaching over coconut oil. Follow the next steps to see the right algorithm to protect your hair before bleaching it! Coconut oil helps the hair retain moisture (2). Getting back your shine and smoothness is a long process and also requires almost a million-dollar investment in additional hair products to revive it. An hour before the bleach, rub the coconut oil … Resume applying coconut oil on your hair a week after you colored or bleached it. This is not the type of treatment that you should leave in your hair for a couple of minutes before you rinse it off. Pre-wash protector: When applied pre-shampoo, coconut oil can stop your hair from soaking up too much water (and, in turn, stave off damage and dryness). Bleach hair as usual the next day with oil still in the hair.. Why it works. If you pay attention to washing your hair in detail, you shouldn’t have to worry about oily or greasy hair at all. Your hair will be more hydrated. It somewhat protects hair protein that is compromised during color treatments. Your email address will not be published. Save my name and email in this browser for the next time I comment. - I had bright red hair, dyed it dark to grow out my natural colour and have it blend it, regretted it months later so a few days ago I decided to bleach All my hair (thinking I will lose half my length to bleach damage) . This is because no products are added during the refining process, ensuring that the product is totally organic. Wondering how I would go about doing the coconut oil soak before bleaching. When the established time for bleaching has passed, you can rinse all the products from your hair with a lot of water and normal shampoo. A cap to cover your hair once you’ve applied the oil. Then apply the bleach OVER THE COCONUT OIL. This means that you will have to prevent your hair from getting dye and you might need to show it special care even after the bleaching process. 5 tricks so that it lasts longer, How to Darken Bleached Hair: Tone It Down in 3 Easy Steps, Differences between Balayage and Foil Highlights, which …, Are highlights permanent or do they fade …. Here are some more subtle benefits that coconut oil can add to your hair, without you even noticing it. This will ensure that the coconut oil reached all your hair, including your scalp. What are the benefits of using coconut oil? We also know that it can be used efficiently as a skin moisturizer which can do miracles for our skin. And I could go on and on with an infinite number of “ands.”. At all! Yes…solid. But you might want to rinse it for a longer time to make sure that you don’t have oily hair due to the coconut oil at the end of it. You should stick to organic coconut oil and stay away from the versions that were altered with different other chemicals that you don’t need. So I just left it in and put the dye on. You will discover that this type of natural coconut oil remains in a solid form at room temperature, and it starts melting when it reaches the heat. And all you have to do is add some coconut oil in your hands an gently run your fingers through your hair while it is still wet. If you like to dye your hair regularly, you most likely know that this is a process that can damage your hair a lot. Sometimes I can feel desperate, but I’m not usually hopeless. My hair still had coconut oil in, and I didn't feel like washing it out, then putting dye in, then washing it out again. But, coconut oil saves you here too. Using coconut oil every week can have a tremendous positive impact on your hair without any more effort! It gets absorbed deep into the hair follicles, and it is feeding it from the inside. And there is a great way to do that to obtain as many benefits as possible. Cover it with a towel or shower cap and go to sleep.. 3. For best results, apply coconut oil on the entire length of your hair when you do this and notice how much faster your hair grows in just a couple of months! The bleach powder and hydrogen peroxide will both work perfectly on your hair even though it’s covered in coconut oil. Use a little coconut oil every time you wash your hair instead of a conditioner. Warm them up, apply them and leave them on without washing them off. The number of sections you end up with will differ according to the length of your hair and the thickness of it. 4- Bleach your hair the next day without rinsing out the coconut oil, reducing the damage to your hair from bleaching. From my experience, I can tell you that coconut oil reduced the damage from the bleach that I applied to my hair. We feel a bit obliged to add just one more thing to that mile-long list of benefits the oil has because this one is a doozy. The bleach powder and hydrogen peroxide will both work perfectly on your hair even though it’s covered in coconut oil. If you think of coconut oil as a protective shield, you will notice that it can save your hair and help you enjoy its natural beauty for many more years! 2. Do you wash it out after you let it soak in the hair overnight or a few hours?

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