Waist gun positions and ball turret removed. The crew for USN PB-1Ws consisted of 6 officers, (Pilot in Command, Second in Command, Navigator, CIC Officer, and 2 RADAR Operators/Controllers) and 5 enlisted men (Plane Captain (now referred to as Crew Chief), 2nd Mechanic, Electronics Technician, and 2 Radio Operators). The teardrop-shaped sliding panels of the waist gunners were replaced by larger rectangular windows, directly across the fuselage from each other, for better visibility. Jason Vale – Sentenced to 5 years Jail for helping 1000’s of people beat cancer with B17; British Scientists use cyanide from Cassava to attack cancer ! B-17E 41-2595 was chosen for the conversion. With an extra 1,080 US gal (4,100 l) to the 1,700 US gal (6,400 l) available on the first B-17Fs, the Tokyo tanks added approximately 900 mi (1,400 km) to the bomber's range. His daughter is named Mollie and in Spanish it is "Mollita". They would then bail out through the open cockpit while still safely over England. Allison engines were also considered to be more badly needed for constructing fighter aircraft. The sole surviving example of this model of the Flying Fortress – originally built in 1940 and nicknamed the Ole Betsy by her original crew – is undergoing restoration at the National Museum of the United States Air Force in Dayton, Ohio. After the crash the Army Air Corps was put in notice: another crash would mean the end of the program. In the interior of the plane, crew members were rearranged. In October 1942 all planes of the B-17B designation were redesignated RB-17B, R- indicating 'restricted'. On its flight from Seattle, Washington to Wright Field for the competition, the 299 set a nonstop speed record of 252 mph (406 km/h). The aircraft that became the sole Y1B-17A was originally ordered as a static test bed. George Williamson was the original pilot. T he third set of nose art photos was supplied by an email correspondent in mid 2005. Print-on-demand is a new technology where a specialized company in Tennessee keeps our files stored electronically, and they print these books as they are ordered. Some of the most important additions were self-sealing fuel tanks and defensive armor. Outside, the engines received a set of cowling flaps for better cooling, and the external bomb racks were removed. (The F- here stands for 'fotorecon' and must not be confused with F- for 'fighter', a term only used by the fighters of the U.S. Navy and Marine Corps before 1947; which was not introduced by the USAAF until after the war.). Until this modification, crews had had to devise elaborate maneuvers to deal with a direct attack from behind, including jerking the aircraft laterally, allowing the waist gunners to alternate shots at enemy fighters. This directory is the product of years of statistical research by author Wallace Forman. Engine weights were 76 tons 13cwt (B17/1, B17/2); 77 tons 5cwt (B17/3, B17/4); 80 tons 10cwt (B17/5); and 77 tons 3cwt (B17/6). The following is an extensive catalogue of the variants and specific unique elements of each variant and/or design stage of the Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress heavy bomber. Its primary purpose was testing the feasibility of liquid-cooled Allison V-1710-89 engines. Format: Paperback The modifications were the addition of self-sealing tanks and replacement of the single nose gun with 0.5 inch Brownings.[5]. Post-war, the USN acquired 31 more B-17Gs, renamed PB-1W, and fitted with AN/APS-20 radar for Airborne Early Warning equipment and procedure development. It looks like two of the B17 Footballer clubs are going to be non-league next season, Darlington are already relegated and Grimsby Town almost certain to drop out too. First delivered to Patrol Bomber Squadron 101 (VPB-101) in the spring of 1946, the Navy was eventually to have twenty two, out of thirty one post-war B-17s, fully upgraded to PB-1W standard. Create good names for games, profiles, brands or social networks. The B-17B (299M) was the first production model of the B-17 and was essentially a B-17A with a larger rudder, larger flaps, and a redesigned nose and 1,200 hp (895 kW) R-1820-51 engines. Many internal systems were revised. The Boeing 299 was the original bomber design made by Boeing to fulfill an August 1934 request by the United States Army Air Corps for a bomber capable of carrying 2,000 lb (907 kg) of bombs 2,000 mi (3,218 km) at 200 mph (322 km/h). San Francisco's Ernst T. Krebs, Sr., M.D. machine guns, were added to the B-17E design. ISBN: 9781580072250 Fully-feathering paddle-bladed propellers were also provided. 3,405 were built: 2,300 by Boeing, 605 by Douglas, and 500 by Lockheed (Vega). Late production "F" series aircraft received substantially-enlarged mounts for the "cheek" guns on each side of the nose, replacing the previous window-mounted guns. Vitamin B17 is found naturally in many foods. WOULD YOU LIKE TO SUPPORT THIS SITE? B17 61627 “Aske Hall” Credit The B17 Steam Locomotive Trust Background. Through the use of print-on-demand technology, we are now able to keep books in print that you used to have to hunt down in used markets or at swap meets, if you could find them at all. The RB-17B was used for training, transport, messenger, and liaison duties; it was in effect a designation of obsolescence. Early versions proved to be more vulnerable to fighter attack than anticipated, but, by the time the B-17E version began to go into service shortly before the United States entered the war in 1941, the plane was equipped with turrets in the upper fuselage, belly, and tail. [12] These Fortress III (SD)[13] would carry extensive array of equipment: the Monica tail-warning receiver, the Jostle VHF jammer,[14] Airborne Grocer air-interception jammers; Gee and LORAN for navigation, and an H2S radar replacing the chin turret. The US Coast Guard flew 17 similar aircraft as PB-1G's. Swayne Martin. Gallon drop tanks fitted under the outer wings. Rather, they were transferred to the Coastal Command for anti-submarine patrol. The book does include 28 photos of B-17s but not all of them show nose art and keep in mind that there are about 800 planes listed in the directory. Three examples of the B-17F remain in existence in the 21st century, including the now-restored Memphis Belle.

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