Welcome! Equipment Calculator Copy Item Link. Last Updates . • Armor Pot: Equipment Ability. Use at your own risk. While you want to use N level gear when starting out with characters, once a character has grown, you will want to use crafted gear for your units. Early game, you should buy the N equipment for any unit type that you use. Seals are applied every level until the stat is maxed. • Seal: Randomly boosts stats when an Equipment Item levels up. Why you may want to consider using +2 gear over +5 gear, How to Max Stats Alexandrite Ring with the fewest hammers, https://warofthevisions.gamepedia.com/Crafting?oldid=22526, About War of the Visions: Final Fantasy Brave Exvius Wiki. When a piece of equipment gains a level, each statistic that is not full will have a fixed percentage of increase for any given stat. Excellent for sorting espers by the specific node stat that you’re looking for. Former logo used from 2003 until March 2012 based on WOOD-TV's current logo. You can enhance level N equipment to Level 40 with nothing more than Adamantine. Events are frequently focused on obtaining the recipes and Materials for creating crafted equipment. Stats, degree of resonance, resistance, training board, and magicite. 1- Dissamble: Option to degrade current gears with a +n(e.g. WOTV Wiki | GameAExplore Further Hot wotvffbe.gamea.co. The odds for each stat will vary based on the equipment type. There are two benefits to leveling an item up. Values displayed below are using 100% trained crews. Loading data and crunching numbers.. please wait. If any given stat is at its maximum value, then there will be no roll for it, increasing your odds for a pity stat increase. Engel, Ayaka, Federica, Sterne, Viktora, Xmas Ramada and Xmas Macherie, Gilga, and Thancred can also get into this tier for their functions, but they are taken down a tier for their costs. search Ahriman Tears and be able to see what all items require it for crafting. New Test Subjects. For ease of use, pre-set custom formula can be found on the custom formula popup. Using Seals when upgrading equipment will raise your odds of rolling a specific stat each turn. Each item has a special ability that gets enhanced with each tier of increase. Character names will load all elemental and job related materials. Click on the seals above to see how the average changes with seals! Welcome! If you like what you see, you can click on the entry to save it down below! WOTV-Calc is a web app for the Global and Japanese version of WotV. The copies must additionally be of a minimum level to craft. This tool will TRY to calculate if you can max all the stats on your item. If you wish to learn from my brother, click on the Awakening Prism at the top at anytime. Craft Item Name Required Have Σ Required Cost Σ Cost {{ item.title }} {{ item._count }} {{ item._totalRequired }} {{ formatNumber(item._totalCost) }} Σ Costs Based on the datamining of War of the Visions, it will helps you to build your team. Equipment Types [edit | edit source] Equipment Types determine both the maximum stats in each category for a weapon as well as the odds that any level up will increase each specific stat. We tell local Grand Rapids news & weather stories, and we do what we do to make Grand Rapids & the rest of Michigan a better place to live. RECENT SUPPORTERS. For example, for the Nagnarok sword, HP will always grow by +2 per "hit", Attack by 4, Magic by 3, Accuracy by 1, and Evade by 1 when a level is "hit". World of Tanks calculator – the new topic added recently to Fan Zone community web-site section – will help players estimate the funds necessary for progressing easily. In World of Tanks, picking the right equipment for your Light tank can be a bit tough for new players. Soule bought a tea. It incorporates experience boosts such as the artisan's outfit, clan avatar, and portable crafters. On some rare specific items it's necessary to unlock the item's skill. Equipment Calculator Copy Item Link. WotV Equipment Calculator doesn’t always have items that haven’t been released in Global yet, but it’s still helpful for comparing the potential of different equipment and types. WotV Equipment Calculator. kain is a 4s unit with his wall card maxed..little leela is 1star tier,gold stern is easily 2 stars maybe 3.Rain and gilgamesh are 1 star tier....cecil rosa and delita are A tier....Engelbert is least A tier...i don't know how you make your tier list,some your decisions are weird...you will talk with some players in diamond1 or champion before of put numbers on random. 16/12 . Once you are ready, you can share the link above. Soul of Thamasa. If both pieces of equipment have the same type, it is automatically the same, if the types are mixed, you are allowed to pick which type the new piece of equipment will inherit. Ramada (Winter) Machérie (Winter) ... Equipment stats stacking WotV Farming Calculator Buy me a coffee Visiore. A handy dandy table listing all the node bonuses from every esper in global. Enter the name of the material, character name, job name, or equipment needed. The Equipment Bonus Calculator allows you to plan out your equipment and view the bonuses of potential builds. "You can safely aim for a +3 lvl30 or +4 lvl 40 equipment, while wasting 0 resource toward your future +5 craft, as they are needed in the recipe!". Esper list, summoned monsters, evocation magic in War of the Visions Final Fantasy Brave Exvius. A very helpful website. Looking to compare pieces of equipment to see what's best? Tierlist Breakdown You … War of the Visions: FFBE Guide & Tierlist Read More » The increase per "hit" is set per recipe, but is consistent across equipment types. I would like to search for an ingredient, IE. That really improved my gaming experience! Keep the good work :) Share. To clear a slot, double-click it. We are happy to announce that Serpentarius is now part of the Narshe family.. We are a casual guild made up of mostly Filipinos, and Americans. 1 Overview 2 Enhancing Equipment 3 Party Composition 4 Bonus Unit 5 Abilities 6 Event Points 7 DX Box Summon 8 Floor Composition 9 Tips Origin: War of the Visions: Final Fantasy Brave Exvius Type: Equipment Enhancement Event Reference: Announcement Event Period: 7/2/20 00:00 - 7/15/20 23:59 PST Boosted Unique Modifier: Excalibur (WOTV FFBE), Sleep Blade (WOTV FFBE), Golden Blade (WOTV … There are quite a few different pieces of equipment, many of which are expensive. DISCLAIMER: This tool is still a WORK IN PROGRESS [BETA] and may give bad advice! To further the Nagnarok example, if you have a +0 Magic Nagnarok and add 1 level, you have a 27% chance to get 2 HP, followed by a 21% chance to get 4 attack, then a 30% chance to add 3 magic, then a 2% chance at accuracy, then a 1% chance for Evade. Raising the max level is the only effect of awakening an equipment, there is no bonus in stats or anything. Calculates the best farming story quest based on given material requirements. This World of Tanks equipment guide will touch on what each piece of equipment in World of Tanks does and whether or not it is worth putting on your tank. What Equipment to Buy for Light Tanks. Rarity: Type: Average Stat Growth. 【WOTV FFBE Equipment Calculator】 Platinum Rod 5 Level 50. If you wish to learn from my brother, click on the Awakening Prism at the top at anytime. To get started, choose an equipment from the inputs above! She also has a Limit Break Healing and defensive buff.She is the best solo unit healer in SSR. War of the Visions: Final Fantasy Brave Exvius Wiki is a Fandom Gaming Community. *Seals can be used one time per item level.

He holds the highest damage in the game while still able to use troops and ninjas for different attacks. To use this tool, simply click a slot and select the item you'd like to equip in that slot. Theoretically, you can get all 5 stats to hit in one level, but if you have bad luck and do not get even one of these bonuses, you will get a +1 bonus to the Magic stat, as this is the weapon's type. Legal. This tool calculates the average stat gain for equipment. Build to +2, and disassemble until you get a great roll, using no seals or hammers. Sometimes hammers can be used to maximize a stat early to increase your odds a pity rolls, other times you want to hold the hammers until after you've fully crafted the equipment. Used equipment rates vary widely throughout the world. If there are no hits on a level up roll, then a single "pity" point will be applied to the equipment type's primary statistic. If you wish to learn from my brother, click on the Awakening Prism at the top at anytime. N level equipment technically is not crafted, but bought from the store. The equipment went to the Calhoun County Vocational Educational Center. This tool calculates the average stat gain for equipment. War of the Visions wiki is a smartphone-friendly guide/database dedicated to War of the Visions: Finail Fantasy Brave Exvius. Esper ores are used to obtain the remaining nodes by raising an esper's SP. Your odds for rolling increases in stats upon level up get a boost. Our Equipment Compare tool is made just for that. A Comprehensive and Smart WOTV Damage Calculator Tool One of the biggest challenges with creating and using a damage calculator, is the amount of research a user needs to do in order to input the correct values. However, when you do manage to … The odds of a "hit" for ATK, however is 36% for an Attack type, 21% for a Magic type, and 41% for a Vital type. For all the details of a specific piece of equipment, visit the WotV:FFBE Equipment Calculator.[1]. Some equipment has only one type available. To find specific equipment load-outs for a certain tank hop over to the tank guide/review section which will cover equipment … Same as Only owned equipment, but exlude items marked as excluded from expedition in the inventory page. General Tierlist Mediena, Cid, Lucia and Vinera are in the highest tier, since they are widely useable and really good. Fated Clash. You will use the N level gear with every new unit in working to gain. Thank you so much for your efforts. Build until the number of +1 stats remaining is 1 per level, then max HP or other hammer stat. A brand-new FINAL FANTASY tactical RPG, WAR OF THE VISIONS FINAL FANTASY BRAVE EXVIUS, available now for smartphones! • Adamantite: Equipment Lv. Thank you so much for this. 3.3.3 Salvage Value (S) This is defined as the price that equipment can be sold for at the time of its disposal. This bonus is typically 2x level for the major stats. 09/12 . wotv-farm-calculator. This tool calculates the average stat gain for equipment. The most common use case is to max the HP stat of an accessory early to increase pity rolls. I don't drink coffee but, you can buy me tea to support my work! Equipment Types determine both the maximum stats in each category for a weapon as well as the odds that any level up will increase each specific stat. Progressing to the desired vehicle from the current one may take ages and how long these ages will last becomes obvious thanks to WoT calculator. No esper will be automatically selected. After June 2010, when creating +1 or higher equipment, the type is inherited from one of the weapons you are using as an ingredient for the upgraded weapon. We provide players with unit database, tier list, abilities, event guides, strategies, how to farm guides, and so on. You can remove any unwanted entries by clicking on them! A calculator to work out how many items are needed to be crafted to get to a goal level/experience (from current level/experience), and the profit/loss for doing so. This software isn't endorsed by SQUARE ENIX CO., LTD. or gumi Inc. and doesn’t reflect the views or opinions of SQUARE ENIX CO., LTD. or gumi Inc. or anyone officially involved in producing or managing SQUARE ENIX CO., LTD. or gumi Inc. Game content and materials are … UPGRADING. It is also able to pull your character's current experience from the HiScores table. Upgrading is when you fuse 2 piece of equipment to craft a new one "+1", +5 is the maximum. To get started, choose an equipment from the inputs above! Crafted equipment progresses from the "base" level ("+0") up to +5. Various strategies for crafting have been suggested by various community members: From War of the Visions: Final Fantasy Brave Exvius Wiki. Hammers are used to raise a given stat by a fixed rate. You can use hammers at any point in the crafting process. Unit Calculator Esper Calculator Raid Boss Info Farming Materials Equipment Calculator. To get started, choose an equipment from the inputs above! Attack Res, while Golem has +25 Pierce Attack Res. Most of our members are dolphins, with some whales and a few F2P. Most crafted equipment has two or three possible types of the following available. To use seals for every level, you will need 49 seals for a single piece of equipment for the corresponding stat. Click on the arrow on the left of … Equipment Calculator Buy me visiore. ... Search Import Export. Kenini bought a tea. Job names will load the statues, job memories, and weapon jewels. The stats for N level is equipment follows a fixed growth pattern, so every level 15 Bronze Knife will have the same exact statistics. Build to +5, using seals for all 49 levels, hammer remaining wanted stats. The base ("+0") weapon type is randomly generated. Q bought 10 tea s. Share. Since every stat gets a unique roll for increase, using seals can increase any given stat's opportunity by 1.5x its normal odds, up to a 15% increase if the odds are greater than 30% to begin with. Crafted equipment requires collecting recipes, materials, and secret books of refinement to be combined to generate increasingly powerful gear. • Dwarven Hammer: Boosts stats *The number of times a Dwarven Hammer can be used varies depending on the equipment item. For equipment that works very few hours per day, the derived equipment lives may be very long and local conditions should be checked for the reasonableness of the estimate. Increasing the level of a piece of equipment requires 2 copies of the equipment and an additional recipe for that equipment to obtain. Evaluate the level or value of a piece of equipment you wish to reach by the number of books required to obtain a stat. *Stats affected by seals are boosted more easily. Welcome! Welcome! This page was last edited on 19 July 2020, at 19:18. For all the details of a specific piece of equipment, visit the WotV:FFBE Equipment Calculator.

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